Fashion Tips

Fashion for guys

All of us guys need a little help once in awhile when it comes to fashion. That's why Reynold's Clothing is introducing fashion tips for guys. Not high end fashion advice, but just good 'ol basic fashion tips for guys, plain and simple. So here goes....

General Fashion tips

  • Give Up The Sweat Pants And Put On Some Real Pants

    • Everyone is craving normalcy right now and one way to do that is……..give up the sweat pants and put on some real pants again.  I know I have worn enough sweat pants for awhile.   We couldn’t wait to put on some denim or dress pants with a nice shirt and tie and at least make it look like there is something normal going on.   And guess what?   Reynold’s has normal pants for men and women.   We have men’s and women’s denim, dress pants for men and women, and men’s khaki pants in several styles and fits.   Best of all, if your pants don’t fit quite as well as they did two months ago Reynold’s can take care of that too.   All of our denim, khaki and dress pants have built-in stretch on all of our men’s and women’s offerings.   I mean who doesn’t want a little extra built-in comfort, especially right now.  And REYNOLD’S IS OPEN!!!   Come on in for some new pants.   We would love to see you.  

  • Socks….Not Just Black Anymore!

    • Socks have become fun and when I say fun I mean socks have become very bright with a lot of funky, fun, patterns. And these fun socks with bright colors and patterns are being worn with everything.

      You will see all kinds of nontraditional socks being worn with dress pants, suits, tuxedoes, khakis, and denim. And the great thing is they don’t always have to match! I can’t believe I said that guys, but it's true.

      Sometimes the less the socks match the outfit the more fun the sock is to wear. This is difficult to comprehend coming from someone who likes everything to match. These socks are becoming quite popular to wear with tuxedos for weddings and proms.  We have never seen this much color and pattern in socks, but that is what is driving sales in the sock industry right now. And of course, Reynold's Clothing has a great assortment of these socks right now. It’s fun to make a statement and right now statements are being made everywhere with socks. Most socks are inexpensive, so have fun and show'em off!

  • It’s All About Comfort!

    • So many people think looking good involves being uncomfortable in your clothes.   That is the farthest thing from the truth right now.

      The men’s industry has finally caught up with the women’s industry as far as offering more comfortable clothes with built in stretch for all day comfort.   Any new denim we buy for the store has lycra or elastine.   A minimal amount of these two fabrics is enough to make any move you make  a comfortable one.  Even our fashion denim from Silver, Lucky Brand, Nautica and Buffalo have stretch comfort built in for you.   Our cotton pants from Haggar and Grand River all have stretch.  Even our new Carhartt denim and canvas work pants have stretch.  We are also getting in new Carhartt jackets and coats with stretch fabric making any job more comfortable.

      Dress clothes have not been left out of the comfort equation, in case you were wondering.  A lot of dress pants, ours included, have stretch comfort waist bands that give when you sit and contract when you stand.   Many sport coats and suits have stretch armholes for more comfort when sitting and driving.  This extra comfort is like getting a free gift with purchase.

      When out shopping for your favorite clothes ask about the stretch fabrics and comfort technologies available today.   After all if you’re going to wear something you might as well be comfortable.

  • Blue is new.

    • Blue is new.  It’s been a long time, but blue is the hot new fashion color especially dress clothes for men.  And I’m not talking navy blue.   The new blue is brighter like cobalt or royal blue.   This color is big in men’s suits and dress pants.

      New colors can be scary for some of us guys, but this blue is easy.   Whatever goes with navy goes with cobalt as well.   We have seen a lot of this color in slimmer fits including tuxedoes.  This new blue is fast becoming a popular wedding color, especially wedding suits.  Most of us guys have shirts in our closet that would easily work with this blue, but just in case you don’t try orange, light blue, grey, pink, yellow, lighter greens, white, ivory, lavender and of course white.   I think you get it.

      Now that you know what to wear for shirts what about that other tough fashion question.   What color shoes do I wear with this color?  The best color is cognac.  You might also know this color as brown, tan, light brown or something not dark brown.  Oh, make sure you have a belt that matches your brown shoes.  It all looks much better that way.

      Cobalt blue is a great color for guys.  It is versatile, fun, practical and easy.  Don’t worry, black and grey are not going away anytime soon.   But it’s always nice to make room for another color.  Remember if you have any questions, Reynold’s Clothing is here to help you.

  • Cognac Is The New Brown:

    • Look at what color brown shoes people are wearing.  It's not the traditional darker brown anymore.   Cognac is the new brown.  Cognac is a lighter brown,  earthy, orange tinted color that has taken the shoe market by storm. It is the color of a truly good whiskey! We don't even stock a traditional brown shoe anymore.  Many of the cognac and brown shoes even have a burnished, or slightly darker, toe for a very fashionable look.   and with the popularity of navy the cognac colored shoe has exploded in popularity.  This "new brown"  even looks great with medium to darker grey, khaki, brown, olive and other earth tone colors.  The only color  cognac does not look good with is black.  Every shoe company is cranking out this color  along with lighter and darker versions.  You will find many price points for this color in shoes it just depends on what you are willing to pay for fashion and quality.

  • Patterns On Patterns?

    • Patterns on patterns don't work well together. In fact most patterned clothes should not be put with other patterned clothes.
      The other day I was waiting in line at a local grocery store. I was just looking around and my eyes suddenly became fixed on a gentleman wearing a plaid shirt and plaid shorts. Ouch! You probably could've heard my jaw hit the floor.  Many people would probably not give this a second look, let alone a second thought. But, since I am in the business of clothes I notice things like this. Unfortunately this was one of the worst mismatches I have ever seen. And I do mean ever!
      Plaid patterns should never be together, no matter what! Okay the only exception might be a Halloween costume or mismatch day in school, but that's it! Plaid is a very popular pattern, especially since there are an endless number of combinations. Plaid shorts are still very popular, but when done right, a plaid short should be paired up with a solid shirt with no pattern, unless the pattern is a very lightly textured tonal pattern, which still has the appearance of a solid color.
      The same goes for plaid shirts. A plaid shirt should only be paired up with a solid color bottom.
      Unfortunately there are no fashion police, although sometimes it would be a good idea. But if you are unsure of what you are putting together,don't be afraid to ask someone who does know. Or if you are unsure just go back to something safe that you know works every time.

  • Appropriate Dress

    • Appropriate dress.  What is that?  It means dressing appropriately for the occasion, depending on what type of occasion or event you are attending.  We wanted to interview a high school student for a job and we told him to dress appropriately for his interview.  He took the hint well and showed up in a shirt, tie, dress pants and nice shoes.
      We have dealt with customers who have questioned appropriate dress so the first question we ask is what type of event are you attending.  Then we can start making suggestions as to what might be appropriate for them.  Ultimately, it is up to the customer to determine what he/she will wear since they are the one spending the money, but we will always be there to make suggestions for "appropriate dress".
      Here are some good examples of appropriate dress:
      A job interview.  A shirt and tie are always appropriate and many times necessary.  Often times a suit is necessary or required for some interviews.  If a job is very casual a nice pair of pants and button up, collared shirt, can be appropriate.  The pants and shirt should always be pressed and that lets your potential employer  know you are serious.
      Funerals.  Funeral attire has changed somewhat over the years, but traditional appropriate funeral attire is at least a shirt and tie, often times a sport coat or suit, especially for a pall bearer.  For visitations and wakes it has become common to wear a nice pair of pants and shirt, pressed. 
      Business meetings.  Dress according to the type of meeting it is.  It is often appropriate to wear a pair of dress or cotton pants and nice shirt.   It is not a bad idea to bring along a sport coat that would work with your outfit if needed or possibly even a tie, just in case. 
      My father once told me you can never over dress, but you can certainly under dress.  I do believe that.  In a previous career I would show up for certain events dressed up according to the importance of the event.  I learned quickly that this appropriate dress would often gain me the necessary attention I needed to do my job efficiently and respectfully.
      We can suggest appropriate dress all day long, but what it comes down to is what you want and are willing to wear.  We do tell our customers make sure you can get some good from your investment and then the purchase is worth the money.

  • Final Fashion Tip of the Year, Sweaters

    • Sweaters are a very common and very nice gift during the Holiday season.  But sometimes what we fail to consider while gift shopping is the receiver's taste in the gift in which is being given.  In a polite way I am trying to say stay away from the "ugly sweater"  that will probably wind up at some holiday sweater party as a joke next year.  Unless the person you are giving the gift to reaaally wants that sweater for Christmas.  There are many more tasteful sweaters out there that make great gifts.  Some things to consider while sweater shopping is the taste of the person you are shopping for.  What colors do they like, what types of patterns would they prefer(there are many, many patterns to choose from), what type of sweater would they prefer(crew neck, vee neck, quarter zip, vest, dressy, casual, etc....).  Not all sweaters run the same size.  And, does this person like sweaters.  If not don't waist your money!  A sweater can easily be matched to a person's personality it just takes little thought and consideration on your part.  Thankfully, as a retailer, we don't see quite as many of the traditional "ugly" sweaters as we used to.  Most sweaters are very practical and nice.  And if you are going to give a sweater as a gift hopefully it is something the would be wearer will appreciate and get a lot of good out of your gift.  Merry Christmas and may you always pick out the right gift.

  • Dry Clean Or Launder. What Should You Do.

    • We receive a lot of questions about whether to dry clean or launder clothes. The easiest way to decide is to read the directions inside the garment. Every garment made has laundry instructions on a tag inside the garment someplace. Typically tags are found on the collar or one of the side seams.
      If the directions state laundering is okay go for it and throw it in the wash. The laundry instructions will state if you should use a cold or warm water wash cycle. It is always good to wash nicer clothes together and like colors together. Many of today's clothes are wash machine friendly. This is in response to consumer demand for easier to clean garments due to today's busy lifestyles of most families.
      If the garment directions recommend dry cleaning you should really consider dry cleaning. The directions are on the label for a reason. Usually a dry cleaned garment is a more delicate fabric or possibly fabric that needs more gentle care than standard laundry. Dry cleaning usually keeps the garment looking more like new and can also keep it lasting longer. Dry cleaning also helps more delicate fabrics hold their shape better. If you notice dry clean only garments are usually your nicer clothes which typically stay in style longer so you definitely want to treat them better and keep them looking good.
      If you have any questions call your local cleaner or ask us we will gladly help you out. Your good clothes are worth keeping around for awhile so treat them right.

  • Which Fit Is The Right Fit? (Denim)

    • Which fit is the right fit?   That is a very good question, especially when it comes to denim.  There are a lot of fits out there.   You just have to find the right one for you.   Here are a few of the common fits you are finding in the market place right now:
      Loose Fit:  a very full leg and thigh with more room in the seat.  Usually a loose fit has a wider leg opening as well.
      Relaxed Fit:  Not as full as loose fit.  A little less room in the seat and thigh but more room than a Traditional Fit.    This is a very popular fit right now from many denim companies.  This seems to be a very comfortable fit for a lot of guys.
      Traditional Fit:  This is, basically, a straight fit jean.  This is the middle of the road standard fit.  Most fits are based off the traditional fit.  For a guy with a little less in the seat and slimmer legs this is a very good fit without offering too much room in the seat and thigh.
      Boot Cut:  This is not a flared jean.  In fashion denim a boot cut is very simple and can be a really great fit.  The leg opening might be only slightly larger than standard(usually a 1/4 to 1/2 inch) but the real difference is in the leg of the jean.  The leg of the jean is slimmed down slightly to give the jean a little narrower appearance while allowing the leg opening to look larger.  Looks great over boots or shoes.
      Slim Fit:  Don't be scared of this fit.  The word "slim" tends to frighten a lot of guys.  Quite often a slim fit is very comparable to a traditional fit.  There might be just a bit less room in the seat and thigh.  For a slim person or a guy with no rear and no legs this could be a very good fit.  This is a newer fit but quickly gaining popularity.
      Skinny Fit:  Definitely a trendy fit.  This is a tighter fitting jean.  Normally a  skinny fit also has some stretch to it, for comfort.  Not as popular as the Slim Fit the Skinny Fit is very trendy and there are only so many people who are going to where it.
      Now.  Buyer beware.  These fits can and will differ from brand to brand.  We have seen it in our store already.  So no matter what, just try the jeans on whether you want to or not.  It may save you a trip back to the store.  Don't be afraid to try something new.  You might like it.   Although we men are really good at resisting change, sometimes change can be good.   And it may make the woman in your life happy!

  • Slim Fit v. Traditional Fit.

    • Don't let the words "Slim Fit" intimidate you when it comes to shirt buying.  All slim fit means is less room in the mid section of the shirt.  Slim fit is a great fit, especially if you don't like as much room in the body of the shirt.  We have had great luck with slim fit shirts.  Guys who are more athletically cut, guys with larger necks, guys who are truly slim or guys who have a normal build are all good candidates for  slim fit shirts.  Wearing a slim fit shirt will not make you like the tooth picks modeling the look in fashion magazines and on runways.  Those shirts fit those guys so tight even they are probably scared to move in them.  That is not how a slim fit shirt really fits.  The neck is regular size, the sleeve length is normal, but there just isn't as much room in the body of the shirt, which a lot of guys really like.  Basically the slim fit shirt isn't as "blousy" as a traditional fit.  Some slim fits run a little shorter in the body than others, so be careful of that when purchasing one.  It is always a good idea to try them on.  Some companies will have a slimmer slim fit that others.  Those are just a couple of things to be aware of.  But the slim fit look is in and it really does look good on a lot of guys.  Don't be afraid of it, just find your fit.

  • Suspenders or Belt.

    • Suspenders or belt.  Which one do I wear?  ONE OR THE OTHER.  NEVER WEAR BOTH AT ONCE!  This is an obvious fashion tip, but one that does go unheeded by some men.  We've all seen it before, the guy that is wearing both a belt and a pair of the same time.  Talk about double duty, and not to mention overkill!  Both belts and suspenders are used to hold up a man's pants, but should never ever be worn at the same time.  If it really takes both to hold up pants this person might have a problem.

  • To Tuck Or Not To Tuck.

    • To tuck or not to tuck, Your shirt that is.  The untucked shirt is very common in the fashion world right now.  So, those of you who have always left your shirt untucked you are very fashionable right now, whether you want to be or not.  There are shirts that look good untucked and those that don't.  The clothing industry has responded well by making shirts that are meant to be untucked.  These are usually meant to be more fashionable, worn with denim,  usually run a little shorter in the body, don't have the standard dress shirt tail and sometimes a little slimmer in the body.    Shirts like this are meant to be untucked and are not easy to tuck in, especially with a pair of low riding jeans.  Your standard dress shirt is meant be tucked in.  A dress shirt has tails and runs longer than many of the trendy fashion shirts on the market.  It's easy to tell if a guy is wearing his dress shirt untucked.  Look for the tails.  Typically a dress shirt is noticeably longer in the back as well.  A dress shirt untucked normally hangs below the seat on a pair of jeans.  And with the denim trend showing more pocket treatments and larger stitching a shirt that is shorter in the body tends to look more attractive.    So, whether you tuck it in or not that decision is yours to make.  Just remember there is a difference.

  • Where Your Pants Where They Belong!

    • Where your pants where they belong!  Seems like most of us guys like to where our pants down low because it's more comfortable, especially as we age and parts of our body might be pushing the pants down.  That and we could just blame it on gravity.
      Dress pants are made to wear a little higher on the waist line.  The rise in the pant is longer, which also means the inseam you need will also be shorter.  The rise of the pant is the top of the waist band to the bottom of the crotch seam.  When dress pants are worn down on the waist they do not look as nice.  One reason is the rise and the other reason is that dress pants are usually a little fuller fitting and look better worn in the right place.
      Casual pants, or cotton pants, can be worn slightly below the dress pant line.  The rise in cotton casual pants is not quite as long as a dress pant.  Every brand is different.  Some brands have a fuller fit and some have a little slimmer fit.  Depending on the fit the rise can also be different.  Some cottom pants look great worn wear your jeans sit and others don't.
      Jeans naturally sit a little lower on the waist line.  That is what jeans are made to do.  The rise in the jeans is much lower than the rise of a dress pant.  If you hold a pair of jeans straight up and down the waist line from back to front is a pretty good slant.  If you do the same with a dress pant the dress pant will not have as much of an angled waist from back to front.  The difference is the length of the rise.
      We would like every pant we wear to fit like our favorite jeans.  But,  since every style is different that will never be the case.  If you ever have any questions about pants you know who to call.

  • Mixing Patterns

    • Keep it simple and don't mix too many patterns.  It's easy to do, especially for us guys.  I have seen this tooooo many times:  Plaid shorts with a striped polo or heavily patterned t-shirt.  It looks like you just walked out of a thrift store and that's all they had for you that day.   Plaid shorts are hugely popular, but watch what you where with them.  Your polo shirt should really be a solid color, picking up one of the colors in the plaid.  That makes for a very nice presentation no matter what age you are.  A solid t-shirt also looks good with  plaid shorts, even a t-shirt with a small logo or very light pattern on the upper body.   It's really easy to over do it with pattern, but done right it will make you look really good no matter what the size of the garments.  I have seen one company introduce matching plaid shirts and shorts.  While  the "garanimals" system is great for little kids that's taking it a bit too far, especially for a grown man.  Besides you do want to be allowed back in the house, right?

  • Socks. How Should Guys Where Socks?

    • That can be a tough question because white socks DO NOT go with everything  as some guys are lead to believe.  White socks are not always cool and there is a time and place for them, but not with dress clothes, tuxedoes , suits or khaki pants. 

      When wearing socks with suits (and everyone should) make sure your socks match your suit.  It just looks better.  Black suit, black socks.  Gray suit, gray socks.  Navy suit, navy socks, etc.  The same advice applies to tuxedoes.  The best socks to wear with a casual pair of khaki pants is a tan or khaki colored sock.  Toooo many guys try to pull off the white sock/khaki pant combo.  Wrong!  It looks like you ran out of good socks or you really don't know what you're doing.

      Now, white socks do look okay with denim, unless you  are dressing up your denim with a nice shirt and a good looking pair of shoes.

      If all else fails and you have a drawer full of black socks black socks will work with a lot of pants as long as your shoes are also black. 

      Many people don't think socks matter but they do.  If you ever have any sock questions all you have to do is ask the people that know.

  • Match Your Leathers

    • Always make your leathers match.  No, not your Harley jacket and chaps, but your belt and your shoes.  If you're wearing brown shoes wear a brown belt.  If you have black shoes on wear a black belt.  If you have on a white belt......I hope you're on the golf course.  This basic leather rule applies mostly to dress wear, but it can easily be used for casual wear as well.  If you're wearing sandals, well, you're on your own.

Dress Wear

  • The Formalwear Flip Flop.

    • Seems like being formal is taking a new turn, especially with prom tuxedoes.    This year it’s all about color….for the guys!  That is definitely a twist when it comes to prom fashion.   Typically the majority of color has always belonged on the girls dress.   This year that long time trend is starting to reverse.   Both of our tuxedo companies have rolled out colorful, statement-making, fun coats for the guys.  These new jackets have vivid colors and patterns.  Some are shiny and iridescent.   Some have no pattern while others look like funky, urban camo.  Most of these new styles have slick, black satin lapels and are meant to wear with a bow tie or skinny tie, no vest, and slimmer fitting pants.   Oh, slip-on tux shoes are also available this year as well.   As wild as these jackets seem,  they are tastefully done and offer a whimsical twist to the standard solid colored dark tuxedo that we are used to seeing for guys.   It's all about having fun and this year prom season is going to be nothing but fun!   But these jackets won’t last long.  New styles and fashions usually rent out fast and when they are gone that’s it!  Stop in and check out these fun prom fashions anytime.

  • Dressing Up Denim. Its The Thing To Do.

    • Seems that denim has become the new dress pant for many a guy.  It looks great when done right.
      The easiest way to dress up a great looking pair of jeans is with a nice button up casual shirt or a dress shirt that crosses over to a more casual look.  If this is the route you choose don't forget your shoes.  Wear a nice pair of dress shoes or maybe a nicer pair of casual shoes.  The same goes if you throw on a sweater.  Athletic shoes don't look good with a pair of nicer jeans and a good shirt or sweater.    And make sure your shoes and belt are the same color:   Brown shoes-brown belt, black shoes-black belt.   Nice and simple.
      Then there is the popular sport coat and denim look.   Typically the sport coat will be a patterned or textured jacket with a nice shirt and dressy shoes.
      I have seen navy and black blazers with denim and ties.   Not an impressive look.  It looks like you forgot your dress pants and this is all you had to wear.  A blazer is typically a solid color,  dressier sport coat,  with brass or antique finish buttons,  made to wear with traditional dress slacks.  A true sport coat usually has a texture or pattern and looks great with denim and dress slacks.    Typically a tie is not worn with denim, but you do see it and it seems like this is taking the whole "dressing up denim" look a little far.  If you're going to wear a tie put on some dress slacks and save the denim for a more casual occasion.
      There is some great denim out there.  We carry these fashion brands at Reynold's:   Silver, Lucky Brand, Buffalo, Big Star, Nautica and Grand River.   Have fun with it.  Denim is versatile and the popularity of good quality denim keeps growing.
  • You're Wearing Shorts Where?

    • Shorts are great this time of year.   It's hot.   It's humid.   Shorts are comfortable and really feel great on a hot summer day.  But.......not to a wedding ceremony.   Yes, we see this more often than we would like, but it's just not right!   Most couples go through a lot of work, planning and stress, to make their wedding day a wonderful, formal, experience.  Contrary to popular belief most weddings are still formal events and it is still common to dress appropriately for a wedding.  Here is a good rule of thumb:  If the wedding party is wearing tuxedoes, suits, shirts/ties/dress pants, you should wear something appropriate or at least in the neighborhood of like dress.   After all there is a reason why tuxedoes are termed "formal wear".   And wouldn't it feel odd if the bride is in a beautiful flowing gown, the guys are dressed to the nines and here comes wedding guests in golf polos and cargo shorts?

      I guess a beach wedding is a good exception or maybe a casual denim friendly wedding and that is the requested attire by the wedding couple.  I love shorts too.   That's all I want to wear in the summer time, but there is a time and place for everything.......right guys?

  • Is Denim The New Dress Pant?

    • It seems that denim has become the new dress pant for men.   What we have noticed over the past year is a slight slow down in khaki pants and an increase in denim sales.    We have  more guys wanting to wear denim with sport coats these days.  Which is fine.   We wear sport coats and denim to work once in awhile and we see more peers dressing like this at large clothing shows.  

      Just wearing any pair of jeans with a sport coat or nice shirt or sweater won't cut it.   A $9 pair of big box store jeans probably won't look the best, but what does work well is a pair of darker jeans or dark jeans with a little whiskering, rinsing and stitching to them.  Fits have gotten slimmer, but a straight or relaxed fit still works well for many of us guys.  And many companies have introduced stretch denim.   Stretch started in the women's market a few years ago, but is finally becoming mainstream in the men's industry.   And typically the closer the fit the more stretch in the jean.  

      Many of the new jeans hitting the market are not just blue.   While blue will always be the most popular color for denim, there are some new colors for us to choose from.   Black, khaki and grey denim are finding a niche in men's denim today.   Denim is also becoming seasonal, color wise.   Some denim for Spring and Summer has become very light and most of the denim for Fall and Winter remains dark.  

      Denim is a great fashionable trend that seems to only be growing bigger by the season.   Just keep in mind that there is a time and place for denim just as there  is always a time and place for traditional dress clothes.

  • Anything Goes When It Comes To Prom Tuxedoes.

    • Anything goes when it comes to prom tuxedoes.  Well, that's what it seems like anyway.  We find that prom styles are very colorful and creative and wedding styles typically seem to be a little more conservative.

      It's common for many prom dresses to be multi-colored and many couples want to put those colors into the tuxedo vest and tie.   And this looks great as long as the colors go together. Sometimes you need to be careful about mixing and matching colors in vests and ties.  There is a reason why every vest usually has a matching tie/bow tie.  Multi-colored dresses are beautiful, but putting a green tie with a pink vest and visa-versa may not always look the best unless that is what you really want for the look.  Camo vests are still popular and we have seen every combination of tie with a camo vest.  Many ties with a camo vest don't really look that great, but this is usually a compromise between the boy and girl going to prom together.  The guy might want the camo vest and she wants to add a color from her dress.  We completely understand, but the only ties that look really good with a camo vest are the matching tie, a black tie or possible bright orange because it represents hunter orange.

      The best vest and tie combo you can put with a dress is a color that matches the dominant color in the dress.  And if that doesn't work most dresses have silver beading.  If all else fails or you can't find the color you really want we always suggest a silver vest and tie to coordinate with the dress beading.  This combination usually works very nicely and most guys like the subtleness of silver over some of the bright colors being offered.

      The color combinations for tuxedo accessories is almost endless, limited only by the number of colors offered in each vest and tie style.  Some dresses are very difficult to match up to, but there is a vest and tie combo out there for almost any dress offered, you just have to find it.  Don't hesitate to ask us about colors or color combinations.   We love to help and between the employees at Reynold's we have over 50 years of formal wear experience.   Have a fun prom season and......happy hunting!

  • It's Tuxedo Season

    • It's that time of year again.  Now that the wrapping paper, bows and boxes are cleared away our thoughts turn to a new season.   It's tuxedo season.  Well, almost, but now is a great time to start looking at what's out there for weddings and proms.
      Grey.   Grey is in for tuxedoes.....really big this year.  Grey has been making a statement the past couple of years and now seems to be taking the
      center stage in the formal wear industry.  Charcoal grey or light grey, it doesn't matter.  Grey is popular.  Charcoal grey tuxes are excellent any time during the year, but lighter gray is more dominant for summer weddings.
      You'll find two popular fits in formal wear, Classic and Modern.  Classic is the traditional fit that we are all accustomed to.  Classic fits the majority of the population, but does not fit an athletic body as well.   So the Modern fit is growing in popularity. The Modern Fit is the happy medium between Classic Fit and Slim Fit.  Modern is cut a little slimmer than a Classic Fit, but not as slim as a true Slim Fit.  The pant in the Modern Fit is also a little slimmer than a Classic Fit pant, but not as slim as a Slim Fit.  The Modern Fit has caught on quite well with prom goers and younger or trendier wedding parties.  If you are thinking about  Modern Fit for your wedding party consider who is in your party and if this fit will be comfortable for guys in your party.  While Modern Fit looks great and trendy this fit is not always appropriate and comfortable for the guy that needs a fuller fitting tuxedo.
      There is so much to talk about in formal wear I am going to space it out over a couple more Fashion Tips as we head into Spring.  There are some fun new looks in formal wear this year.  Our best advice.....get out there and look and see what's right for you.   And, have fun.

  • The Hottest Dress Shoe Color

    • The hottest dress shoe color.........cognac brown.   It's true.  The cognac color shoe in any style is very popular right now, especially dress shoe styles.

      Black is still, and always will be the number one color for dress shoes, but the new brown is striking, elegant and incredibly popular.  In fact, when looking at dress shoes to purchase for our store we rarely see or even look at,  dark brown. 

      Cognac, whiskey, tan, light brown.....or whatever color you may call it goes with a lot more than dark brown, which really makes this color versatile.  This color is even being worn with darker grey suits and dress wear for men right now.....and it looks great.  This gives guys another option for footwear.   This shoe color also looks dynamite with navy, brown and khaki as well.  Just don't wear it with black.   That would be a no-no!

      This newer shoe color also is quite popular with denim right now.   It gives denim a very dressy appearance with sport coats, shirts and sweaters.

      Wow, which style is right for you?  That is for you to determine.  There are many styles in this color to choose from round toe to square toe and everything in between.  One of the more popular styles in dress shoes for any color right now is the wing tip.  The classic is back and more popular than ever in dress and casual shoes.

      Shoes are fun and there are so many varieties right now I could go on and on, but you probably don't want to read all about shoes right now.  Just have fun and try something new!

  • Gray is hot! Which is the right shade for you?

    • Gray is one of the hottest colors in men's fashion right now.
      Gray has become a great color in menswear from casual to dress and everything in between.  We have noticed a large increase in gray suits and tuxedos in the past year.

      Gray has certainly made an impact in the wedding formal wear industry.  Gray has taken some of the thunder away from black tuxedos, which is okay because it let's each couple make their special day more unique.

      Now, which color of gray is the right gray for your wedding?  In tuxedos there are two popular shades of gray,  light gray and charcoal gray.  Light gray is very popular during  Spring, Summer  and maybe early Fall and can really lighten up a summer wedding, especially with the popularity of pastel accessories and dress colors.  Typically the lighter grays start falling off in popularity in September when darker, richer colors start to take over.

      Darker and charcoal grays are always popular and one can never go wrong with a classic medium to darker gray.  All colors seem to work with the darker grays no matter the season.  Just like a good suit if you ever have any doubts about color always go with the darker more classic shade.

      The best thing about the different shades of gray in the formal wear market is the fact that now there are so many more fun and good choices.  While this can make the choices more difficult the choices help couples put a more individual touch on their special day.

  • Shorts Not Appropriate?

    • But, it's summer!  There are occasions during the summer when shorts are just not appropriate to wear,  believe it or not.
      Weddings are not the place to wear shorts.  Weddings, traditionally are formal and elegant requiring one to dress up in nice clothes.  You know, the outfit tucked in the back of the closet that is worn the least.
      Typically, a shirt and tie with a nice pair of dress pants is wedding appropriate.  A jacket or suit is nice and some weddings even require a black tie(but not too many).  Some weddings are a very casual affair, but traditionally dressing up is still commonplace for most weddings. 
      Shirt and tie wise a nicely pressed long sleeve shirt with a tie is appropriate.  Short sleeve shirts with ties are not as common as they used to be and  long sleeves are more appropriate and look better.  If it's warm most guys will roll the sleeves up.  If you are wearing a shirt and tie a nice pair of dress pants looks nice.  Cotton pants are okay, but a dress pant looks better.  A dress pant is usually lighter weight than a cotton pant and has a better drape. 
      We all love to wear shorts during summer, but wearing shorts to a formal occasion, like a wedding, says you only care about your own comfort.  It's okay to dress for the occasion.  There are a lot worse things in life than having to look nice once in awhile.

  • Golf shirts and dress pants....not always the best

    • It's wedding and event season and we find ourselves dressing up a little bit more.  The dressing up part is very appropriate.  What some of us guys are putting on may be in question.

      Most of guys love to wear those light weight, moisture wicking golf shirts.  I mean, why not,  the shirts are light weight, drape well,  really do wick moisture and are somewhat dressy.  The only problem is many of us guys like to wear these shirts with dress pants and dress shoes and this doesn't always look the best.  Simple reason:  There is always a golf brand logo on these shirts and it's usually quite obvious, which really detracts from the dressiness of the shirt, especially worn with dress pants and nice shoes.

      There are dressy, light weight, moisture wicking knits out there without golf logos on.  You do have to look a little harder for these shirts, but they do exist.  After all, we do carry knits like this at Reynold's clothing.  Nonetheless, shirts like this do look better when dressing up and those logoed golf shirts really do look good on the golf course.

  • Picking Out The Correct Tuxedo Accessories

    • This is not always the easiest task for the bride and groom to accomplish. Often times a couple has differing ideas. Sometimes they can combine the ideas for a suitable compromise, but not always. I have seen accessories that were mix and match and while the vests and ties were definitely mixed the items didn't really match.  This task is not hard to do if you keep this in mind: Keep it simple, but nice and pleasing to the eye. If you can keep this in mind you will also realize your accessories will definitely look better in your wedding photos.

      Sometimes it is very difficult to match vest and tie colors to bridesmaid dresses. Usually because the fabrics and dye lots are slightly different. Different fabrics, fabric weaves and fabric finishes can give a different appearance to a color. When this happens it is better to put a patterned vest next to a solid colored dress. This can give the illusion of a very good match, when it may only be close. And when wearing a vest under a jacket the entire vest is not often seen until the jackets come off at the wedding reception and by that time it doesn't really seem to matter any more. 

      And if all else fails just ask your tuxedo professional at the store you are getting your tuxedoes from. Most of us have been doing this for a long time and we have seen many, many combinations. And while we may not always agree with every combination we really do know what goes together and what does not go together.

  • Dressing For A Wedding

    • You have this wedding, or several weddings, to go to and you are wondering how to dress.   Now, this is pretty simple advice.  Dress appropriately for a special occasion.  There are many types and styles of weddings out there, but usually a wedding calls for semi-dress or dress clothes.  Not every wedding is a really formal affair, but using you common sense, you can deduce that most weddings involve some form of nice clothes.  Jeans are basically inappropriate for a wedding unless you are told that jeans are okay.  No matter what type of pants you are wearing you really should tuck in your shirt.  It just looks better (unless it's a beach wedding and that is the look everyone is going for.  For most weddings a good pair of khaki pants or a nice pair of dress pants are appropriate with some type of collared shirt.  Whether you like wearing a tie or not a nice tie always looks good, especially at a formal event.   Please, make your dress shirt a long sleeve shirt if you are going without a jacket, it just looks better with a tie (trust me on this one).  And you can never go wrong with a good sport coat or suit.    Weddings for the most part are fairly formal occasions.  After all, the wedding party is usually wearing tuxedoes and the bride is typically in a very nice gown.  So, once in awhile it is okay to dress the part.   My dad once told me something I have never forgotten " You can never overdress, but you can certainly underdressed" .  I've been doing this long enough to realize he's right.

  • Dressing Up

    • Dressing up.   It's not hard to do.   And people do notice.  People come into our store and we hear many say "people really aren't dressing anymore are they?"  Actually, people are still dressing up.  Dress clothes for men is still one of the most important parts of our business.  My Dad once said " You can never over dress."  He's right about that.  No matter where you go it never hurts to look good.  Dressing up is not always a suit and tie.  It could be a sport coat, or maybe just a nice pant and shirt with or without a tie.  Not everything is a blue jean and polo shirt event.
      Women love it when their men dress up.  Especially for a more formal event like a wedding when she might have on a dress and he shows up in Khaki pants and a polo shirt.  While that me be okay for church, graduations and other semi formal events putting on something appropriate is not always such a bad thing.   Take note guys when men dress up women notice.  After all who do you think put him in those clothes?
      Khaki pants are great, but are not always appropriate for every event.  Khaki pants are on the more casual side of dressing up.  Suits, sport coats, dress pants, shirts and ties are definitely on the more formal end.  And dress clothes have become more "easy care" then in past decades, which makes dressing up a little easier.  The introduction of the "comfort waist" pant has made dressing up more comfortable.  Even flex armholes in suits and sport coats have brought a little more comfort to jackets
      Younger men are starting to dress up more with the introduction of slimmer suits, fitted shirts, thinner ties and flat front pants.  That is really where the trend for dressing up is right now.  These fashions are great in the young men's market because it's not what their father's wore.  These fashions are something the younger  generation can call their own.
      It doesn't matter how old you are, or what you do, where you live or your socio-economic status.  You can always dress up and look good no matter where you go.  There are clothes for every budget out there.  In a world where people  do not see the need to dress better at times there still seems to be a demand for dress clothes.   It's okay to dress up sometimes guys.    The next time you have someplace to go think about what the attire could be for such an event.  After all, looking good can also make a person feel good.

  • How Long Should My Tie Be?

    • We do hear this question quite a bit.  Well it doesn't really matter how tall, short, thin or round you may be.   Your tie should end up right at the waist line. If it hangs just over the belt line that is okay too.  This is a proper length for a tie.  We have seen ties on guys well below the waist line and halfway up the stomach.    When tying a tie you should start with thin end of the tie about half the length as the wide end.  This is a good starting point and can be adjusted as needed.  If a person is shorter a larger knot may be necessary to take up more tie length.  If a person is larger or has a larger neck a regular, four-in-hand, knot may work out well for keeping the tie longer.    This is something you need to determine yourself.  Or you can always let us tye your tie for you and we can help you figure that out.  I have learned that tying the tie closer to your neck will also help keep the tie longer.  I have seen many ties being tied much lower on the chest.   This normally makes the tie much shorter and usually results in the tie being retied another time or two.    And.....not to confuse matters any, but tie manufacturers don't always make ties the same length as other companies.  Lengths could vary by brand.  And there are regular length ties and extra long ties.  The extra long ties work great for individuals with larger necks or larger stomachs or perhaps even both.  An extra long tie can be 3 to 5 inches longer than a standard tie.  I could go on about tie length, but I think this fashion tip is probably long enough ( HA HA)!!

  • Which Collar Is Right For You?

    • If you are out looking for dress shirts you are starting to see some different looks.  Not just in colors and patterns, but also in collar style.  Yes guys, there is more than one style of shirt collar.  Just something else to consider when buying a dress shirt!
      The standard in all shirts is the point collar, which is the standard length, non-button down collar on most dress shirts and casual shirts  that you see in stores.  The point collar has been around since before our grandparents and will probably never go away.  The point collar is the typical collar style you see when a guy is wearing a tie.
      A slight change to the point collar is the spread collar.  The spread is gaining in popularity and is a slightly shorter version of the point collar.  It looks similar to the point collar, but is shorter in length and allows you to see more of your tie knot.  Most of us guys wouldn't know the difference, but the spread is making an impact in dress shirts and some fashion shirtings.  It looks good with any tie but also looks good without a tie as an open collar shirt.
      The Riley collar is a shorter rounded collar.  The collar is shorter like the spread collar but the collar ends are rounded to give this collar a totally different look.  This collar only looks good with a tie and is typically worn with a fashion, or more trendy suit or sport coat.  You do not typically see a lot of this collar, but it was made famous by famed basketball coach Pat Riley.
      And... the button down collar.  A great standard that will always stand the test of time.  The button down never goes out of style and looks great with or without a tie.  A button down isn't quite as dressy as a nice point collar when wearing a tie, but it does look good and you know that collar will always stay down.  Button down's are very dominant in casual wear, but are also very popular in ixford cloth and pinpoint oxford dress shirts.
      There are a couple of collar styles, but you will probably never see them at stores like Reynold's Clothing and really aren't worth mentioning because you almost never see them except once in awhile on TV.

  • Tuxedoes. What Are You Looking For?

    • That can be a tough question these days. There are more choices now in men's formal wear then we've seen in 20 years. Maybe that's good. Maybe not. That just depends what you are looking for.
      There are several colors out there to choose from now. Besides black there is charcoal grey, light grey, brown, tan, white, navy, stripes, camo and even a few bright colors that you may not care to see on a real person.
      Black is classic and will never go out of style. Black is the most formal tuxedo a guy can wear no matter what the occasion.  Black always looks good and will stand the test of time, although your hairdo from your wedding photos might not!
      Charcoal and light greys are starting to make an impact and are something different to choose from if you are not looking for black. These colors are very classy and are quickly becoming a wedding tux alternative. Grey is slowly catching on for prom, but will be seen more in many wedding photos this year. Many of the new wedding accessories look great with grey and will always look great with black as well. Charcoal grey is great for any season, but the light grey will look more appropriate in the spring and summer.
      Brown is popular as a Fall wedding tuxedo. We have seen many Fall weddings use the seasonal colors and the browns look great with the oranges, golds, burgundies and dark reds you seen during Fall.
      Tan is also gaining in popularity during the Spring and Summer months for a wedding with lighter more seasonal colors. Tan is also popular as a destination wedding tux or suit such as an island, beach or cruise ship wedding. This is a very seasonal color so the season is very short for tan, but done right this color is absolutely beautiful and can brighten up a Spring or Summer event or wedding. In the right context tan can also be used for a more casual wedding such as a beach or island wedding. Several tuxedo companies are using a very casual tan suit as a destination piece.
      That brings us to Camouflage. It is popular. Be careful.  Nuff said!
      Bright tuxedoes are in the same category as camo, but not as popular. Great fun for a party or prom. That's about it.
      Have fun choosing your color and we will gladly give you constructive input on what you are looking for. After all this is your event and we want to help make it special for you.

  • Tying A Tie

    • Tying a tie can be a little tricky. There are three types of knots: Four-in-hand(smallest knot), Half Windsor(medium knot), and Full Windsor(largest knot). You also don't want your tie to go below the belt line or sit too high up on the stomach. I guess the easiest thing to do is come into Reynold's and let us help you if you're having trouble. We can teach you how to tie an appropriate knot and teach you how to slip the tie over your head so you don't have to tie it every time you wear it. Maybe we'll see you soon!

  • How To Wear A Tie

    • Not everyone is built the same and not everything fits everyone the same.  That can sometimes be a problem when wearing a tie.  The proper placement for the bottom of the tie is at the belt line on your pants.  Ties do look rather funny when hanging well past the belt line and well above the belt line.  All it takes is some practice when tying the tie to figure out where you should start tying the knot on the tie.  A general, or average, rule of thumb is the wide end of the tie should be twice as long as the thin end of the tie.  But that does not always work for everyone.  For tall men or for a larger man the tie industry does make extra-long ties.  These ties are three to four inches longer than the average tie and can really make the difference in appearance.

      And if you're going to spend money on a nice tie it might as well fit right.  Oh and so we guys don't always spill on our ties while dining out it's okay to remove the tie, tuck it into your shirt, or even cover it with your napkin.  A tie is one of the smallest items we men wear, but it never fails our tie is always the first place the food goes.  Ties are great (women also tend to like nice ties on men).  And no it's not the tie that chokes us guys; it's the size of the shirt collar.  The tie can only be as tight as the shirt collar!

  • The Traditional Navy Blazer

    • The traditional navy blazer is a very versatile coat, but don't overplay the versatility of this classic.  A lot of guys will say "it goes with everything, right?"

      Well not quite everything.  But a navy blazer looks great with any shade of gray pants and the many shades of khaki and tan even some light to medium browns.  Don't try and put navy pants with a navy blazer.  Trust us the navy colors will never match and the buttons on a blazer are a dead giveaway that you are not wearing a suit.  Will this classic coat ever go away?  Nope, not as long as men are still dressing up.

  • Matching Blacks

    • The color black does not always match.  I know that sounds strange, but it's true.  There are several different shades of black out there.  Many times a customer will try and put a pair of black dress pants with a black sport coat.  Most of the time the black in these garments never match, although the shading may be close. 

      Why? Different material make up, different manufacturers and different  shades of black dye.  If you want your coat and pant to match then a black suit would be appropriate for any occasion. 

      The best part about a solid black suit is double duty.  You can wear the jacket as an occasional sport coat and the suit pant as a dress pant.  This works great and lets you get more use out your suit.  Don't wear the garments separately too often.  Undue wear and tear will eventually make the pant and jacket look slightly different. 

      By having your blacks match it also looks like you really do care how you're dressed, even if you don't.


Casual Wear

  • Casual Dress Is In!

    • Casual dress is in!   And when I mean casual I don’t mean tee shirts and jeans with holes in.   What I do mean is nice denim and casual sport coats.    Jeans have almost become the new dress pant, in a way.   A lot of guys are embracing the idea of putting on a nice pair of jeans and throwing on a sport coat to go out in.   When I use the word denim, I don’t mean your every day jeans, but a nicer pair of premium denim with some fashionable rinses in medium to darker shades.  The perfect sport coat for this look is NOT your standard black or navy blazer, but a fitted to slightly fitted sport coat with some type of pattern, whether it be a small check or bold plaid.   All those patterns are in right now and look great with denim.   Top off this look with a nice shirt without a tie and maybe some fun shoes with a white sole or maybe a pair of stylish chukka boots.  The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.   Have fun with it and show off your sense of style.   But if you have trouble with the style part we at Reynold’s Clothing can help you out there.

  • The Square Bottom Shirt

    • The square bottom shirt has been an instant hit with guys for years.  This shirt is very versatile and looks the best when it is untucked.  We have carried  this shirt in solids and patterns(the "Charlie Sheen" look) with great success.  The past few years this shirt has gone over very well in silks and microfibers.  It can be dressy enough for a summer wedding or casual enough for a summer beach party.  But, there are guys who really love to tuck it in.  The square botton really lends itself to being untucked and looks much better this way.  It also looks better with a flat front pant instead of pleats.  It also looks great with cargo shorts and a dressy microfiber or golf short.  Most of us guys love to leave shirts untucked.  Here's a good basic rule:  If it has a shirt tail tuck it in.  If not don't worry about it.  Have a fun summer.

Business Attire

  • Business Casual

    • ...not as casual as it used to be.
      Business casual is common terminology in the work place these days.  Business casual is just that,  casual business attire.  The term has evolved greatly from the early days of business casual, which was started by IBM in the 1990's.  IBM went from shirts, ties and traditional business attire to letting employees dress in whatever they felt like wearing to work including t-shirts and jeans with holes!  That's when business casual hit a low and then started upgrading to khaki pants and collared shirts for many years.   While that attire is still workplace appropriate business casual is upgrading again.   Business casual is evolving into a nice pair of dress pants, nicer collared shirts with semi dress to dress shoes and perhaps a sport coat, tie optional.  And in the world of wash and wear garments this seems to be an appropriate evolution in today's workplace.  Many dress pants are now wash and wear and the shirts are usually not a problem with polyester, cotton blends and cotton wrinkle free shirts dominating the market place.  Today's business casual is also dual purpose wear for after work events as well.  Not having to change clothes is a very attractive option, especially with us guys.   If you ever have any questions about business casual attire you know who to ask!
      Call us, email us or just stop in.  We are always happy to help.

New at Reynold's Clothing

  • Tasc Performance Activewear

    • Reynold's has added a new women's brand of athletic/leisure lifestyle casual wear.  Tasc performance activewear has just hit the floor.

      Tasc is similar in product function to brands like Under Armour, which Reynold's already carries for men and women.   Unlike UA and many other brands Tasc uses bamboo and cotton with the addition of Lycra for stretch.

      Bamboo is a superior product when it comes to making clothes out of this fast growing, quickly replenishable, resource.  Bamboo is naturally moisture wicking, very antimicrobial(anti-stink),  always soft to the touch, has great color retention in the wash, and fades very little over time.

      Tasc is a smaller activewear company but quickly making a name for themselves with product innovation and quality merchandise.   Reynold's has just added women's tanks, tees and capris to start.   We have also added several colors in means tees.  There are a lot of active wear companies out there, but we believe Tasc is worth trying for all the reasons listed above and more.

      We are always looking for new products to add to our inventory and love to talk about new products and innovations.  Athletic/leisure lifestyle apparel is  big right now and Tasc is just a great addition to our growing inventory of Under Armour for the family.

  • Slim Is In.

    • Slim is in.  Fitted and slimmer fitting apparel has taken the clothing industry by storm.  Fitted suits,  slimmer fitting dress pants, fitted shirts and slim  ties have rejuvenated the men's dress wear industry.  These new slimmer looks have given men's clothes a new look and reason for guys to buy something new.  Comfort can be an issue with tighter fitting clothes, but the industry has responded with adding stretch to most garments for some built in comfort.  One reason  we have found why slimmer fitting dress clothes are increasing in popularity is the individual buying into this look is typically a younger customer who does not see this look on his father or older individuals which makes it new, unique and fun to wear.
      Slimmer looks are also prevalent in men's casual wear as well.  Fitted jeans with stretch are very popular with younger, fashion conscious customers as well as fitted shirts and  slimmer fitting sport coats to go with denim.  Typically when a casual shirt is made to fit slimmer the body of the shirt is shorter, which does not always allow the shirt to be tucked in.  It's always good to try clothes on before purchasing to insure you like the fit you are buying.
      Slim is in, but that does not mean everyone can wear it.  Slimmer clothes also mean a smaller demographic.  Not everyone can fit into this "look".  While slimmer looks are all over the market, traditional fitting clothes are still the norm and will fit a broader customer base much longer.     The best advice we can give to any customer is......TRY IT ON BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

  • UA is in.

    • Under Armour that is.  We have had many requests for women's and kids Under Armour.   So, we listened and delivered.   Reynold's now carries Under Armour for men, women, girls and boys.  Our July shipment is on the floor with more on the way for an August delivery.  Perfect for back to school.    Hoodies are still huge.  Reynold's has hoodies for the whole family.  Not to mention mens and boys sweat pants, womens and girls sweats and leggings and women's capris.  Our Under Armour inventory continues to grow so hopefully we can help you out this Fall.   This is an exciting venture for us since Reynold's has never carried women's apparel.  We thought Under Armour was the perfect area to get started with women's apparel.  We had UA in our booth at the Crawford County Fair.  My father looked at the large UA sign hanging in the booth and he asked me if people would really know what that logo meant.  I explained that logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the apparel industry right now!  We will also begin putting new UA apparel on our Facebook page soon.


  • New Year's Eve Fashion.

    • Going out on New Year's Eve, depending where you are, can be a fashion event.  Just look around on this festive end of the year holiday and you will notice.  For us men denim is all the rage right now, especially darker, embellished, washed denim.   And there are so many different fits from slim to loose, depending on each individuals build, taste and comfort level.  From what we can see on the fashion landscape denim has almost  become the new dress pant (I told my father that and he cringed, but it's the truth).
      A new shirt is also the top of preference for many guys on New Year's Eve.  For a couple of years wearing everything untucked was the way to go, but the industry is starting to  move away from that.  Untucked still looks good, but usually if the shirt runs slimmer and shorter.  An untucked dress shirt usually has a longer tail and hangs down too low in the back and just doesn't look right.   And a longer tail shirt also covers up all the embellishment that is so popular on denim right now.
      Don't be afraid to dress up those new jeans and shirt with a sport coat.  Modern (slightly trimmer) fits and slimmer fits are very popular in sport coats right now, especially when worn with denim.  Many of the new sport coats are heavily patterned, so be careful what you are going to wear that type of sport coat with.  A lightly patterned to solid shirt often look better with the popular plaid sport coats hitting the market right now.
      New Year's Eve is a fun time to go out, and new clothes are always fun to wear, just don't spill on your new outfit yet!

  • Why Not Give a Tie for Christmas......

    • We have all heard media advertising downgrading ties as a Christmas gift.   Why not give a tie at Christmas.  Ties are great gifts. There are so many ties in the market place it is absolutely mind boggling.  There are ties of every color and design.   In fact there are so many ties out there it does make it hard to shop for ties for our store.  We know we can only sell so many ties so the
      problem is shopping for the ties we think will sell in our store.
      The market place is full of silk, polyester, cotton and wool ties in all shapes and sizes.   Silks and polyester ties are the most common and also offer the most durability for the consumer.   And of course we all know what goes around comes around. Knit ties and skinny ties were last popular in the 80's and now they have regained popularity, especially skinny or narrow ties. Bow ties are becoming very popular, especially for  younger customers.   There are theme ties for every taste,  professional and collegiate sports ties, religious ties,  ties with holiday themes, etc, etc.   Although cartoon ties are not appropriate for every occasion ties can be fun to wear and can easily become a conversation piece.  And of course there are very nice ties that any discerning gentleman would love to receive as a gift.
      It's always funny to hear a guy say "I can't stand to wear a tie.   They're so tight!"  Our response..."A tie can only be as tight as the collar on your shirt.   It might be the shirt."
      So disregard all the hype about not giving a tie and consider that an option for the man in your life.   Ties can be fun and make wonderful gifts for the right man.   And a tie doesn't take up a lot of room and requires little to no maintenance.